9 Ways to Make a Creative and Personal Engagement Session

April 17, 2023

Getting engaged is an exciting life milestone. From the gradual buildup to when they pop the big question, it’s a moment of pure happiness and anticipation for the future with your partner. This particular day is one of the things that’s worth cherishing for a lifetime. You can capture these moments by hiring professional wedding photographers and booking an engagement photoshoot. 

While those steps are crucial, they alone aren’t enough to make the session authentic and unforgettable. You must also plan, avoid stiff and posed photos, and find a theme that best reflects you as a couple. 

If you want to incorporate your unique qualities and create genuine memories, this article will help you make a personal and creative engagement session. 

1. Pick a Theme 

When booking an engagement session with professional wedding photographers, select a theme that best reflects your personality as a couple. This step is crucial in bringing all the photos together, especially if you’ll display them on a wall or guestbook collage. 

You can pick a theme based on the time of the year, a mutual interest, or a general atmosphere you want to convey, like rusty, whimsical, contemporary, or light and airy. You can also incorporate your interests, hobbies, or favorite shows or movies.

2. Find a Sentimental Location

Choosing a location unique to you and your partner can make your photos more meaningful and authentic. It could be a place you’ve shared happy memories or somewhere that significantly impacted your relationship. This location can also be where you first met, had your first date, or just a spot you both love. 

However, you must discuss this with your wedding photographer before the session to let them check if it’s feasible and handle necessary arrangements like permits or fees. That way, you can ensure a stress-free photo shoot.

3. Showcase Your Shared Interests

You and your partner can show your unique personalities in engagement photos by incorporating the things you love into the shoot, like fishing, botanical gardens, or physical activities you like doing together. You can also add props to the session to add a personal touch. For instance, add workout equipment to your photos if you and your partner like exercising. 

4. Use Props 

While you’re the star of the shoot, adding props in your engagement pictures can add interest and help tell your story. Select items that speak to your connection, like flowers for romance. Don’t go overboard because a few chosen props can lead to creative photos.

5. Bring Your Pet into the Picture

You can add joy and laughter to your session and make adorable photos by bringing your beloved fur babies to the session. However, let your wedding photographer know about this before the shoot.

6. Share Some Food

Food is an excellent addition to make engagement photo shoots more relaxed. Many hungry couples usually appreciate sharing snacks or enjoying a picnic because they help them create adorable images.

7. Add Movement

Adding movement like running, piggyback rides, and twirling can create playful and sweet moments. Walking hand in hand can make romantic shots. On the other hand, carrying each other can result in instant candid moments.

8. Request for Candid Shots

While there’s nothing wrong with taking posed shots, you can ask your wedding photographer to snap candid pictures to capture the authentic moments between poses.

9. Stay True to Yourselves

Be yourselves during your session, and don’t be afraid to show your wacky side. Also, let your wedding photographer know if you’re camera-shy so they can help you loosen up. 


Engagement photo shoots are great, but they can be even better if you add a creative twist. You can capture genuine and cherished moments by hiring professional wedding photographers, being yourselves, and communicating with them about your requests. 

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