Covering Iconic Moments Surrounding Your Special Day

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shoot

Engagement Shoot

Through our bridal shower photography services, we take a myriad of planned and unplanned shots during a 1.5 hour session of you and your closest girlfriends.

During your bridal shoot, we'll spend 1.5 hours capturing portraits, candids, and close-ups before your wedding day, traveling to some of the most scenic backdrops in Texas.

We'll send a dedicated photographer to the location of your choosing, spending 1.5 hours capturing a mosaic of poses that commemorate your engagement.

Drone Coverage

Day-after shoot

Some angles can only be captured from above. Our professional drone pilots add aerial photography and videography to your special day for a unique and memorable twist.

Finding clarity leading up to the biggest day of your life is challenging. Our day-after shoots allow you to enjoy the serenity that follows your wedding while getting the must-have shots.

Celebrate the intimate moments that brought you together. By choosing either 30 or 45 minute documentary-style video, you can showcase the unique memories that led to your everlasting love without missing a beat. Throughout the process, we capture every highlight with care.

Throughout Texas, our wedding photography and videography extras capture every special moment with crisp high-resolution quality.

Our Picture Perfect family empowers you to live in the present.

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While most extras are shot before your wedding day, others such as drone coverage are carried out concurrently. Likewise, elopement photography is separate altogether. In turn, we offer custom pricing depending on your unique package selection and extras.

How are extras grouped in with my wedding photography and videography package?



Our wedding photography and videography services span all of Texas. To learn more, we invite you to visit our Investment page.

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Our wedding photographers and videographers are booked months and even years in advance. Weekends, and especially holiday weekends, are incredibly popular. As a result, we encourage you to reserve your date as soon as possible.

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